Building Peace Through Culture and Communication

Declarations of Interdependence

Do you agree to end violence, end prejudice and achieve respect for all? Join people from around the world in signing the Declaration of Interdependence...​

The Public Safety Coalition

In July of 2019, a group of neighbors, organizers, elected officials, and non-profit organizations collectively worked together to form a Public Safety Coalition based in Ward 1. The Public Safety Coalition will work to bring together broad and diverse organizations from fields such as health, government, business, non-profits, education, civil society, arts, and labor along with new and long-time community residents. Join the coalition today

Justice for DJ Broadus

On February 3, 2018, DJ Broadus, a 31-year-old father, brother, son, cousin, nephew, uncle and resident of Jacksonville, Florida, died after being shot in the head three times — once in the mouth and twice in the neck — by Gardner Kent Fraser, 29 in Macclenny, Florida. Despite Gardner admitting to killing DJ homicide charges have not been brought against Gardner. Learn more about how Florida's Stand Your Ground law and deep racial and political corruption has left DJ, his family, and our community without justice.


The world will be more peaceful if we connect broad and diverse individuals and organizations around non-violent goals and objectives.


Bob Schlehuber

Bob Schlehuber, 33 years old, is a Peacebuilder based in Washington, DC. An artist, producer, and organizer Bob creates initiatives that creatively bring together broad and diverse individuals and organizations within a community. Working under the title of Peacebuilding Connections Bob has created concerts, theater, radio shows, protests, and other artistic events to deepen community relationships while increasing the capacity of a community to address a range of policy, social, economic issues; including housing, homelessness, public safety, education, health, workforce development, civility, mutual understanding, and international peace and conflict resolution.

Bob holds a B.A. in Communication and Political Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University’s School of International Service. Bob’s studies have focused on the systems and structures of peacebuilding with a focus on network analysis, organizational and small group communication and co-operation across traditionally silo-ed fields of study and practice.

Bob has written extensively on collective impact theory and how to improve collaboration at grassroots, grass-tops and executive levels.

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