U Inspire Hospitality Training

A Peacebuilding Connections Project

Co-Produced by Peacebuilding Connections U Inspire Training, a subsidiary of Inspire BBQ, was an innovative community based training for US Veterans and young adults on Social Security Disability Insurance.  The training focused on the personal and career development of its participants and readied them to enter the food service and hospitality industries.  

Peacebuilding Connections worked to connect participants with broad and diverse organizations across DC, making sure residents were part of a community where they could find resources, be celebrated, and engage with other DC residents.  

Through personalized courses each participant spends time developing interpersonal skills, life skills, and financial literacy which helps them complete the START curriculum and receive their SafeServ and TipServ certifications.  In addition, participants organize and participate in community connection events which bring together a diverse community of individuals and organizations working in neighborhoods throughout Washington, D.C.  Participants met with US members of Congress, spoke on Capital Hill, organized their own events, and engaged with a broad and diverse range of individuals and organizations throughout the city.

In the News...

"The number one thing we worked on is purpose. Finding out what your purpose is, finding out the weaknesses that you have. It usually always breaks down to helping yourself, so you can help others."

Rashaid Anderson, Program Participant

Peacebuilding Connections helped organize classroom trainings, work-study experiences, community events, and public speaking opportunities...

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