Heartbeat Live: US Tour 2016

A Peacebuilding Connections Partnership

Peacebuilding Connections co-produced and co-managed Heartbeat: The Israeli Palestinian Youth Music Project US tours in the Spring and Fall of 2015. The tours brought together broad and diverse individuals to promote mutual understanding and nonviolent action. The tours featured over 20 performances across the United States including concerts in California, Illinois, Tennessee, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Peacebuilding Connections was responsible for tour ideation, scheduling, fundraising, marketing, logistics, and budgeting. The tour gave an opportunity for youth artists to amplify their voices catalyzing American audiences to action who care about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Heartbeat is a global community of musicians who unite to break down barriers, build empathy, and promote equality.  Heartbeat enables music-driven, youth dialogue programs that build bridges and critical awareness between communities otherwise divided by conflict, racism and injustice.

Heartbeat creates spaces and opportunities for youth musicians to develop agency and the critical skills to challenge the structures of protracted conflict, inequality, and discrimination within their communities as empowered grassroots cultural and community leaders.

Peacebuilding Connections co-produced and co-managed the 18 stop Heartbeat: US Tour. The tour included concerts, workshops and community discussions

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