By Any means necessary with eugene puryear

A Peacebuilding Connections Partnership

“By Any Means Necessary” on Radio Sputnik is hosted by Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackman and connects the political, social and economic movements shaping the world around us. With a sensibility informed by movements from Black Power to #BlackLivesMatter with a dash of Occupy, the show elevates the peopleand narratives that while often ignored are driving some of the most important changes in the world.

“By Any Means Necessary” plays live daily Monday through Friday from 2 pm- 4pm EST and is broadcasted to 35 countries on signals such as FM, digitalDAB/DAB+ (Digital Radio Broadcasting), and HD-Radio. The show is also made available globally live on 105.5 fm and 1390 am in Washington, D.C., and is distributed as a podcast shortly after broadcasting on itunes, iheartradio, and spreaker platforms.

Eugene Puryear is a Washington, D.C.-based activist and radio personality. In nearly a decade of social justice activism, he helped to organize most of the largest U.S. demonstrations against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Puryear has served as a key organizer around police brutality, prisoners’ rights, and abuses in the U.S. criminal justice system. He was the founder of the Jobs Not Jails coalition in Washington D.C. Puryear was also the co-founder of the DCFerguson Movement a Black Lives Matter organization in Washington D.C. and is the author of Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America.

Peacebuilding Connections produced over 800 episodes of "By Any Means Necessary". Production included booking of guests, developing the run of show, and creating marketing materials.

Topics Included:

  • Environment
  • Criminal Justice
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • International Affairs 
  • Food Policy
  • Law and Court
  • Housing
  • Poverty
  • Militarism and War 
  • Economic Inequality
  • Police Misconduct

"I have to listen to Eugene and Sean everyday to stay on top of what the mainstream media ignores. Honest reporting and analysis about what's happening in the movement with amazing hosts and guests. You won't find anything like it."

Regular Guests Included:

Dennis Kucinich, fmr US Congressman and Presidential Candidate
Daniel McAdams, Executive Director, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity
Anoa Changa, Attorney and host “The Way With Anoa”
Ben Dixon, host “The Benjamin Dixon Show”
Ben Norton, journalist, Grayzone
Marcus Ferrell, political strategist, organizer and former African American Outreach Director for Bernie Sanders
Aaron Goggans, organizer, Black Live Matter DC
Rania Khalek, journalist and host of “Unauthorized Disclosure” Podcast
Winnie Wong, Founder of People for Bernie
Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Founder of Bold Nebraska, and a Board Member of Our Revolution
Jodi Jacobson, President and Editor-In-Chief at
Dr. Philip Stinson, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice Program at Bowling Green State University
Jessica Mason Pieklo, Vice President, Law and the Courts at
Robert Dunham, Executive Director, Death Penalty Information Center
Jared Ball, curator
Ben Manski, advocate, scholar, lawyer, and public speaker
China Dickerson, President, DC Young Democrats
Auriella Williams, organizer, activist, and student at Georgia State University
Bryan Weaver, Founder and Executive, Director of Hoops Sagrada Professor
James Kilgore, an activist, writer and educator based in Urbana, Illinois
David Swanson, author, activist, journalist, and radio host
Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder Code Pink
Perry Redd, Founder and Executive Director with Sincere 7
Jeffrey Carr, Cybersecurity consultant and author, “Inside Cyber Warfare”
Dr. Gerald Horne, Moores Professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston
James Early, Former Director of Cultural Heritage Policy at the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage at the Smithsonian Institution
Ashton P. Woods, Community Activist with Black Lives Matter Houston

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